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Fri Aug 20 11:41:57 EDT 2004

Drake L-7.

Rich NN3W
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From: "Alfred J. Frugoli (KE1FO)" 
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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest amps under $1000

>What amps are out there on the used market fur under 
$1000 that are sufficie=
>nt for contest service (i=2Ee=2E occational high swr 
due to tx into wrong an=
>tenna at 3am, easy to tune etc=2E)
>I've investigated several amps already, and here are 
my thoughts=2E =20
>If driven hard can get close to 1=2E5kw output but it 
was only designed for =
>1kw input cw and 2kw input ssb=2E  Tubes are easy to 
come by=2E  Possible VH=
>F parasitic issues, although if operated within specs 
these issues are demin=
>ished=2E  No 160
>Similar to SB-220 except cost is higher - worth the 
extra 300-400$?
>Good solid amp=2E  Again, claims of 1=2E3kw out in 
some places, but designed=
> for 1kw input, not output rating=2E  8875 tubes very 
expensive if they can =
>be found at all=2E  Can convert to 4cx400 or 3cx800 
but I'm not an experienc=
>ed builder and the directions for these conversions 
make my head spin=2E
>Alpha 374
>No 160 (unless it's an A model)=2E  Not much out 
there on this amp, except t=
>hat those who have them seem to like them=2E  
Bandpass tuning is a nice feat=
>ure and could come in handy in a so2r situation=2E  
8874 tube is still avail=
>Decent amp=2E  Tube easily available=2E  Can produce 
1kw if pushed=2E  Forgi=
>ving of mistuning or mismatch=2E  Easy to tune=2E  I 
currently have an al-80=
> and like it=2E
>All of these amps were manufactured during the days 
when "legal limit" was 1=
>kw input and therefore will give up about 1 s unit to 
todays "legal limit" o=
>f 1=2E5kw output=2E  Are there any higher power 
output amps in the under $10=
>00 class?
>Thanks in advance for your comments and opinions=2E
>73 de Al, KE1FO
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