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n0hf at comcast.net n0hf at comcast.net
Tue Aug 24 18:07:31 EDT 2004

Pete, W0RTT asked that I pass this news along, basically he's unable to use email from his home QTH (read on) and those who would like to contact him please use his work email address:  Peter.Grillo at anheuser-busch.com for now.
'73 Dan N0HF
Boulder, CO

>Hi Dan -

>I have some bad news.  Precisely at 12:47 PM on Sunday, August 22nd (I >know the
>time because my Geochron is still showing that time), our house was struck by
>lightning.  Miraculously, none of the 8 people at the house were hurt.  The bolt
>hit our metal roof and found its way to the phone system and power equipment
>ground throughout the house.  We never lost primary power, but the surge was >so
>huge that it wiped out all connected electronic equipment (FT-1000D, Cisco >1700
>Router, UPS system, Compaq computer system, stereo system, TV and >probably other
>things yet to be identified).  The control wiring from my house to the top of
>the hill exploded and was fried (eighteen #14 stranded wires in PVC conduit,
>300' long).  The concrete base for the 50' tower, yet to be completed, was >blown
>apart.  The tower is still standing, but I would not climb it today!  I have two
>power distribution panels.  One panel that services the older part of the house
>had 6 popped breakers.  The 2nd panel for the addition had 2 popped >breakers.
>As a result, all internal house wiring is suspect for fire hazard.

>I will be unable to send e-mail from my home for several weeks until insurance
>has settled my claim.  You happen to be the only radio contact I have in my >work
>address book!  Can you pass this information along to CQcontest reflector,
>tower-talk reflector, and our K0RF friends?  Also, Vic K9UIY at AOL.com and >Ellen
>W1YL (I don't remember her e-mail address).

>Chuck needs to know I'll likely be available for CQWW CW this year, but now >I'm
>desperate to find a station for CW SS.

>73 for now,

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