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SM3WMV Mikael sm3wmv at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 24 18:23:41 EDT 2004

Hello Tom & rest!

When I decided to rebuild my shack I had tried several different kind of 
configurations but never really been pleased with them. Since I was starting 
to build my SO2R station I wanted a very good configuration to make 
everything easy accissible, not needing to reach for anything. I also like 
to have the rigs on one side of the screen, the 1st rig on the left hand and 
2nd on the right hand side.

I was working during the summer at a construction shop and could buy wood 
with quite good quality really cheap. Since I dont have a huge income 
because of studies I didnt want to pay for already made furnature and since 
I have quite good skills working with wood I thought I would custom make my 
"dream design".


The mid part of that radio shelf is 400mm deep, just so it fits a 15" 
monitor (19" on that picture though) and its 600mm at each end where you 
have the radios. The "V-shape" was just cut out with a regular jigsaw and to 
make the edges look better I took a stip of wood to cover it. There are no 
screws at all in that furnature, cuz I am really against that. Its ok with 
screws that arent visible but otherwise I just drill a hole and put a plug 
made out of wood in the hole. And I really like having the plugs visible, so 
I just grind it down so its flat with the surface, it really makes it look 

After that I just made some shelf that you can see on the pictures for 
rotator boxes, antenna switches etc. I really like the design because I 
never really need to stretch out to access anything.

It takes quite a lot of time to do this though. I spent very many hours to 
get the right finish on the furnature the way I wanted it. Its very 
important that you grind it, varnish, grind, varnish, varnish so you get a 
very good layer of varnish on it.


That is the shelf that holds the antenna switch boxes. You can see very 
clearly on that piece the plugs made out of wood used to hold everything 
together (and glue of course).

I dont know if you like it but I have gotten a very good feeling with it. 
And a nice and tidy shack really makes contesting more fun :-)

More pics and information about the station can be found at

//Mike (SM3WMV // SM3W)

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