[CQ-Contest] Low Power = NO $$$ for ANY Amplifier... and $$$ for Your ANTENNA!

IK2DZN - Claudio Astorri ik2dzn at astorri.it
Wed Aug 25 17:24:15 EDT 2004

Hi Gentlemen,
hallo from Italy.
Let me write that as a new subscriber to CQ-Contest it is very nice reading
you and learning small or big tips almost daily.
I think I still own the record for "CQWW SSB - 21 MHZ - Low Power" in zone
15. It was established in 1993.
644.872 points thanking to 1718 QSOs, 37 zones and 112 Countries.
I had a HY-GAIN TH7 on a 67 (sixty seven) meter tower. Tremendous signals on
lower angles.
I am back after a decade of hard work and no time for my passion: SSB
Naturally I'll work next WAEDC and CQWWDX in LOW POWER as I did last July in
Unfortunately I won't have the previous system though. 
I am restarting simply from the city QTH with an OPTIBEAM OB6-3M (small but
good!) at 10 meters and dipoles for 40 and 80.
Looking for a farm system in the next year.
It still seems to me that the ANTENNA SYSTEM is EVERYTHING. Do you agree
with me?
Claudio Astorri, IK2DZN

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