[CQ-Contest] Re: CQ-Contest] Secrets of Contesting, Chapter 14

zl1aih at ihug.co.nz zl1aih at ihug.co.nz
Sun Feb 1 19:27:34 EST 2004

WM5R makes some very pertinent comments - neglecting to ID is purely and 
simply to increase the QSO rate, at the expense of the pile-up.
This practise might have some merit in a DXpedition/ DXers situation.
However, in contesting (IMHO) it should be discouraged.
After searching the rules for many of the major contests, especially the 
"Exchange" rules, I haven't found any reference to ID and I suspect that any 
requirement for both stations to ID in order to validate the QSO has been 
dropped because the current high-score records would become meaningless 
- no major contest organiser could afford this, even though most 
administrations have regulaltions which require ID for both stations at the 
beginning and end of a contact - radio regulations do not differentiate 
between a rag-chew, DX or contest QSO.
If observance of the licencees country's regulations (as well as compliance 
with contest rules) are required and the contester's log shows that he/she 
has acknowledged these requirements by signing the log, then the entry is 
valid only if every QSO had both callsigns sent and received.   
Otherwise, the entry should be disqualified.
The top multi-multis ID every QSO - maybe that's one reason why they're at 
the top. <G>
Flame suit donned.
73, Ken ZL1AIH    

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