[CQ-Contest] Station ID

James P. Cassidy 107770.3462 at compuserve.com
Sun Feb 1 17:07:50 EST 2004

Last year at TI5N I noticed several requests for call whne we did ID very
often.  I think maybe it was due to the speeds involved and the similarity
between TEST and TI5N.  Since that was my first ever operation from DX I
may have missed something else.  Could be it was someone who just wasn't
waiting at all.  

This year I plan on being prepared to get the call out at a slower speed to
see if that has any effect. But that will only be done if there are not
plenty of active callers.  And there was little tim in the 48 hours that
there was a lack of callers.

73 Jim KI7Y

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