[CQ-Contest] Secrets of Contesting - ID'ing, etc.

Robert Shohet kq2m at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 1 20:03:52 EST 2004

G'day Mate,

My comments are interspersed below...

> Bob,
> Sorry mate doesn't fly. Except perhaps the impatient incompetent
> operator explanation.
> I get Call and ? on both phone and cw when I am IDing after every
> contact and running at over two QSO's per minute!

If you are ID'ing after every contact, then I do NOT understand why you are
getting "call?" and "?" frequently, EXCEPT that you as a loud exotic DX
have lots of guys who hear you and call you and all the reasons that I gave
apply.  If 500 stations tune across you in an hour when you run 200, and
each of those
500 don't hear you give your call for one reason or another, that's A LOT of
"call?" and "?" EACH AND EVERY HOUR!

I am curious as to how often this occurs per hour?  It probably feels like
it happens more
often than it does.  It might be interesting to actually count it up over a
few hours to see
how often it does occur and if it varies by band.

>The call and ? senders  never identify themselves.

They won't because:

1) If they need you, then once you give your call and they hear it, they
will call you
and you won't know who they were.
2) If they don't need you, they will move on and you won't know who they

It would waste more time for them to call you with their callsign.

 > I simply don't agree that I MUST ID after every contact.

I never said that.  I said that many of the best ops identify at least ONCE
PER MINUTE or more frequently.  In a 300+ rate, that's one ID per 5 q's  - I
have no problem with that.  Other's may feel that you should ID after each
qso, but that's not my position.

> It's my choice and whether I do or not good operating practice says you
wait or move
> on.

It's always the op's choice, but that doesn't mean the op's choice is a good
one.  And all choices
have consequences - intended and unintended.

>The choice is not there for you to interfere with my next contact by
> placing QRM on the frequency such as Call? or ? without your ID!

Now hold on here....  If it is your choice how to run your pileup, just as
it is every callers choice as to how and when they want to call you.  You
were expressing frustration with all your non-ID callers and asking why -
and I came up with a list of reasons from real experience.  You can choose
to disagree with or disbelieve them, but then you will be out of touch with
many US and EU hams experience of DX pileups..

I also happen to believe that saying "call?" or "cl?" takes considerably
less time and causes considerably less qrm than saying "What's you call
This is KB9ABC/AT?"  or on CW, "cl de kb9abc/at?"  UGH!

> My current technique for dealing with the packet pile on phone is to let
> it run a while and get out of it between 3 and 6 partial calls. Then I
> work them without any further QRZ and with very little ID. If you arrive
> in the middle of this I do not want you going ????? or CAW CAW CAW on
> the freq. Otherwise this new and, so far, successful technique will be
> ruined. So far this has only happened once. Which is why I do puzzle
> over the ? etc that occur as above when I am IDing every QSO.

Like I said before, it's your choice how to run your pileup but then it's
every callers choice as to how and when they are going to call you.  The
MOST EFFICIENT AND HIGHEST RATE form of operation is the one where the DX op
is able to MINIMIZE those callers asking "CAW CAW CAW" or the cw equivalant.
That is accomplished by IDing MORE often rather than less.  There are many
other subtleties that come into play, but if **the problem** is how to
reduce the number of guys saying "cl?", then give your call more often even
if you don't want to.  If you are frustrated and upset now, then try
something different along the lines of what experienced contesters like me
are suggesting to you.

> The CQing station controls the frequency. If you don't like the way they
> do it - move on! This is an essential component of good operating
> practice. One operator has to be "in control". A person can react and
> adjust to conditions in the way a set of bureaucratic rules cannot.

More ID = More control.  Less ID = Less control.

> This attempt to change the way things have been done for as long as I
> have contested (since 1970) has started to get a nasty wiff of religious
> fervour about it.

>The calling station has no rights other than to follow
> the directions of the station running, if they don't know what those
> directions are, or they don't like those directions, then in the
> immortal words of Tom Lehrer..."the least they can do is shut up"!(*)

This is an incredibly arrogant statement.  I seriously hope that you don't
really believe this!
The DX station has no more or less rights or importance than a newbie KB2
calling in a
big pileup.  Each needs the other to score in the contest.  In my opinion,
believe that they are more important than anyone else or has more rights is

Bob KQ2M

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