[CQ-Contest] Secrets of Contesting - ID'ing, etc.

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Sorry mate doesn't fly. Except perhaps the impatient incompetent
operator explanation.

I get Call and ? on both phone and cw when I am IDing after every
contact and running at over two QSO's per minute! The call and ? senders
never identify themselves.

I simply don't agree that I MUST ID after every contact. It's my choice
and whether I do or not good operating practice says you wait or move
on. The choice is not there for you to interfere with my next contact by
placing QRM on the frequency such as Call? or ? without your ID!

My current technique for dealing with the packet pile on phone is to let
it run a while and get out of it between 3 and 6 partial calls. Then I
work them without any further QRZ and with very little ID. If you arrive
in the middle of this I do not want you going ????? or CAW CAW CAW on
the freq. Otherwise this new and, so far, successful technique will be
ruined. So far this has only happened once. Which is why I do puzzle
over the ? etc that occur as above when I am IDing every QSO.

The CQing station controls the frequency. If you don't like the way they
do it - move on! This is an essential component of good operating
practice. One operator has to be "in control". A person can react and
adjust to conditions in the way a set of bureaucratic rules cannot. 

This attempt to change the way things have been done for as long as I
have contested (since 1970) has started to get a nasty wiff of religious
fervour about it. The calling station has no rights other than to follow
the directions of the station running, if they don't know what those
directions are, or they don't like those directions, then in the
immortal words of Tom Lehrer..."the least they can do is shut up"!(*)

Martin VK7GN

(* Tom Lehrer "That was the Year That Was" - Reprise Records - July 1965
- Introduction to "Who's next" a song about nuclear proliferation which
is current 38 years later! The same record has the classic comment about
life achievement - "Do you realize that when Mozart was my age he had
been dead for 2 years!")

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Probably the MAJOR reason why people say "Call"? or "QRZ"? or "Again"?
something like that immediately after you (or any other station) sent
callsign is the following:

1) Someone called early (intentionally or unintentionally) and covered
2) Someone intentionally tuned on you and covered you up.
3) Someone who is spiteful, intentionally transmitted on you while you
giving your call
    and deliberately covered you up.
4) Weather static - rain, snow, etc.
5) General solar QRN
6) Line noise
7) Auroral Buzz
8) Splatter from a station right near your freq.
9) Splatter from a station within groundwave of the caller (and maybe
several hundred khz away)
10) Flutter which "ate" part of your callsign
11) Ragchewers, nets, illegal cb'ers, etc transmitting on or near your
that you can't hear
12) Distractions within the shack
13) Noise from appliances used in the house of the caller, or nearby
14) "One way" skip
15) Any of 100 other good reasons.
16) The caller is impatient.
17) The caller has a twisted sense of fun and enjoys giving you a hard


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