[CQ-Contest] Pelican 1650 horror stories

Mark Beckwith mark at concertart.com
Mon Feb 2 08:11:11 EST 2004

Thanks to everyone for all the comments on my shipping crates.  I'm about
95% ready to just buy a Pelican 1650.  About half the responses (there must
have been 25) say "get a Pelican 1650" and the other half do not say that
(i.e. they say something else.  The do not say "DON'T buy a Pelican 1650").

Everyone agrees using a crate that cannot be opened is just inviting
trouble, of course.  Always glad to have my opinion backed by competent
authorities.  Just checking....

So now what I want to know is: are there ANY horror stories out there about
how some guy used a Pelican 1650 and it arrived destroyed, crushed, the
contents mangled, etc?

If I hear none that will be very telling since so many of you guys are using
this case at this point.

So which one holds a TS850?

Oh-oh-oh and also: where is best source/price/delivery?


Mark, N5OT

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