[CQ-Contest] Pelican 1650 horror stories

Alan C. Zack k7acz at cox.net
Mon Feb 2 16:16:15 EST 2004

I used a Pelican case on my last trip to DU land via Hong Kong on
Cathay Pacific Airlines.  Inside I had a TS-50, AT-50 and PS-40 all in
the case Kenwood made for the rig with some tools and other Ham odds
and ends using blue jeans, T-shirts, etc as padding.  Everything came
thru fine both directions and no problems with security or customs (I
had a Philippine re-entry customs form with me from my previous
trips).  I carried my antennas, a R-7 vertical and a trapped multi
band dipole in a canvas golf bag.  Again, no questions or problems.  I
carried my lap top as hand carry.  They did take it to some other area
and swipe it.  In the lap top case I had my ham tickets (US and DU),
customs docs, cel phone, camera, etc.
Only disadvantage with the Pelican case is the weight.  If you use an
airline who is strict with their weight requirement be sure not to get
it too heavy.  I will never fly on Philippine Airlines because if you
are one pound over weight they will make you unpack your bag and
lessen the weight before checking it in.  There are other reasons I
will not fly PAL but they are out of the scope of this discussion.
I bought my Pelican case at Fry's Electronics in Anaheim, CA.  They
may be cheaper someplace else but I don't know.
GL & 73

Mark Beckwith wrote:
> Thanks to everyone for all the comments on my shipping crates.  I'm about
> 95% ready to just buy a Pelican 1650.  About half the responses (there must
> have been 25) say "get a Pelican 1650" and the other half do not say that
> (i.e. they say something else.  The do not say "DON'T buy a Pelican 1650").
> Everyone agrees using a crate that cannot be opened is just inviting
> trouble, of course.  Always glad to have my opinion backed by competent
> authorities.  Just checking....
> So now what I want to know is: are there ANY horror stories out there about
> how some guy used a Pelican 1650 and it arrived destroyed, crushed, the
> contents mangled, etc?
> If I hear none that will be very telling since so many of you guys are using
> this case at this point.
> So which one holds a TS850?
> Oh-oh-oh and also: where is best source/price/delivery?
> Thanks,
> Mark, N5OT
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