[CQ-Contest] Secrets of Contesting - ID'ing, etc.

N6ZO at aol.com N6ZO at aol.com
Mon Feb 2 17:27:35 EST 2004

Hi Jim et al,

Have to side with kq2m on items on 1 thru 17, I even thought of about 8 of 
those on my own.

I am one of those who does appreciate a  "perfectly" timed tail ender, 
unfortunately this is more frequently offset by some ops have no timing at all.

Never ask a station when they will be on another band?  -    I consider that 
pretty much in the same category as  the multi - multi and multi -2 guys 
moving the dx station to another band or bands. 

I sure don't like it when it happens to me when  a mult I have just found  
QSY's to another band on request but this isn't going away soon.   most of the 
major contesting programs  now track how many "passes" are made between bands. 

Band passing  used to happen most often in the last few hours of the contests 
but with instantaneous network updating  of 9 or more computers now in place 
at most of the big multi stations, we know at a glance the exact frequency 
every other "position" is transmitting is on and can instantly notify any other 
operator on any band that we are sending some one their way.   we will be 
seeing more band passing not less.   It' is well known that  "that which gets 
"tracked"  improves, which means that even one more mult being passed from band to 
band than was done the year before is an improvement. Just a fact of life 
nowadays  and of course legal.. 

Champions "adjust"



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