[CQ-Contest] Passing mults

Mark Beckwith mark at concertart.com
Mon Feb 2 19:50:32 EST 2004

Interesting that N6TJ would say "never ask 'when [band]'" and that a guy on
the other side of the world would say he was trying to break Jim's pileup
only to find Jim QSYd because somebody moved him.

There's a big difference between a loud American asking when you're going to
be on 160 and another DX station you need on [another band] saying "hey,
let's try [another band]".

Big difference.  Jim didn't say "don't move."  He said "don't ask him when
he's going to be on [band]."

I don't blame a competitor for QSYing to grab some multipliers himself.
Most of the time he just comes back to the same frequency when he's done,
anyway.  Or, if they exchanged frequency info, you might be able to snag him
on the other band too with a well-executed tail-end.

Mark, N5OT

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