[CQ-Contest] Airport security and ham gear - yesterday

Mike Gilmer n2mg at eham.net
Mon Feb 2 19:56:14 EST 2004

W4PA wrote:
> ...next time, I'm not checking the stuff.  I'd rather risk
> being hassled by security getting on the plane with it than taking the
> chance it's going to be broken by TSA.  I thought I was minimizing both
> my and their hassle by checking the stuff - I was wrong.

Scott makes a good point.  The guys X-raying you and your carry-ons do so
under your supervision.  If they find something anomalous, they can ask you
about it.  (I wonder what the TSA wonks do if they find something
questionable behind closed doors?)

I'm not sure how common it really is as I am not a frequent flyer, but with
all the "pickiness" of the "carry-on police", lots of flights seem to offer
the ability to check luggage right at the plane.  Bring too many carry-ons?
Too big? They take them from you at the jetway/stairs and place (toss?) them
in cargo.

So then you need a whole lot of extra time getting through security, but
better that than having your stuff scattered about.

Mike N2MG

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