[CQ-Contest] Airport security and ham gear

Charles Wooten NF4A nf4a at knology.net
Mon Feb 2 17:58:01 EST 2004

N4PN and I took two, new in the box, FT-1000MP MKVs to Croatia in late
November. They were carry on baggage. We had no problems with check in in
Atlanta or transfer in Paris.

BUT, when we returned, we had purchased some lead crystal Christmas
ornaments in Samabor Croatia and had put them in our carry on.

No problems at Zagreb with check in....BUT in Paris, they wanted to take
EACH (over 100) ornament out of their protective packing and check them. It
took so long that we almost missed our return flight from Paris to Atlanta.

None of our checked baggage was inspected. Each of the 4 checked bags had
equipment in them along with our clothing including keyers, Bird 43
wattmeter and slugs, repair parts for an SB220, and much more....

Go figure......

Charlie NF4A/9A5PC

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