[CQ-Contest] Secrets of Contesting - ID'ing, etc.

Juhan Poldvere juhan at chem.ut.ee
Tue Feb 3 04:37:49 EST 2004

Hello fellow IDiots,

* For those in need of some contesting tips, there is a nice writeup of some 
  by K3NA at


  with a fantastic example/method of analyzing your efforts. Interestingly, it is
  titled "Secrets of Success".

Some I would like to add or (mostly) reiterate:

* In a contest, your aim is - in the more general framework of  
  a) being a human, 
  b) being a ham radio operator, 
  c) the contest rules, 
  d) having fun
  - to WIN.

  You are out for yourself or for your club. Pleasing the DX, the fellow ham or
  your neighbour's cat is NOT your ultimate goal here. Be prepared for some
  bumping and clashes. 

* ID like an IDiot! Your call must be on the air ALL THE TIME!

* CQ whenever you can! 
  This pertains especially to US stations in the ARRL International. While US
  pileups are a pleasure to run, it seems many are too polite or too frightened
  by manner cops to ever dare a CQ. It is possible to S&P a band dry in one 
  evening, 200 QSOs in the log. With the next 1000 lurking around (well, I 
  admit some are running on other bands). This with conditions I can copy 
  1W to a wet noodle on your attic floor. If you don't CQ, you are losing out. 

* Don't wait! When you run across a pileup, call as soon you have the call,
  the dx is listening for calls and you feel you can get through. If the dx
  wouldn't id, and you are fairly sure you need it, do call and ask. Don't be
  too worried about disturbing the DX's rhythm - he is probably a grown-up
  man and can handle the situation. If not, it'll take some time for him to
  become the Father of All Fathers on the Santa Island of Holy DX.

* When in doubt, do call - your doubts will disappear one way or the other.

* Do ask for other bands/modes if needed and reasonable. Multiops/SO2R
  may have another gun ready for you. If no then no. Ignored = no.

* Pse no DE, no BK, no K. "DE NO2B  p a u s e   K" is about the nastiest 
  way to call a fast operator!

* I'd like to thank Bob KQ2M for his two articles on the subject. Deep insight 
  about what is at play. Choices, actions, consequences. And I like the 18 :-).

Juhan ES5QX

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