[CQ-Contest] Pelican 1650 Stories

K7bv at aol.com K7bv at aol.com
Mon Feb 2 22:55:16 EST 2004

<< are there ANY horror stories out there about how some guy used a Pelican 
1650 and it arrived destroyed, crushed, the >contents mangled, etc?  The case 
is quite resilient.  / Per K2KW>>>

I have done a number of DXpeditions using the Pelican 1650 cases to hold 
FT1000mp, IC756PROII, and ACOM 1000 HF+6.  Like Kenny says, the only damage the 
cases or rigs took during well over 100,000 miles worth of baggage monkey abuse 
was when I improperly packed the MP and got the mashed dial / circuitboard 
reward. I have dropped them from a helicopter, dragged them across sand and 
granite boulders, and floated them in bodies of water. They have served me well as 
an excellant place to store my clothes, etc., from the salt soaked humid air 
once I took the rig out for pileup fun. They also can be used as acceptable 
temporary operating tables and buttrests although I recommend you pack liberal 
quantities of Preparation H for this application. 

-This message is not intended to disparage all baggage handlers, only 100% of 
the ones who put their loving touch on my things. Thank you. Over -

Dennis K7BV/1

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