[CQ-Contest] To ID or not to ID

kd4d at comcast.net kd4d at comcast.net
Tue Feb 3 17:52:43 EST 2004

Hi Kelly:

Like everything else, I think this varies.  If I'm operating
at a Multi-Multi, I probably will stop and try to get a
callsign, especially if I think the station is a multiplier
and it's late in the contest.  I may well be able to get
through in one or two calls.

I might well also stick around if I'm operating single band.  
I may be less inclined to worry about it if I'm a single op,
but if it's late in a contest and I'm operating SO2R, I may
still think it's worth a few minutes...especially if I'm
running high power and have a good signal.

Other times, certainly, just put something in the band map 
and move on!  And, your advice about concentrating on what's
best for YOUR rate and score is absolutely true!  That varies,


Mark, KD4D
> Hello all,
> I'm really confused by all this hype about IDing, and how not IDing
> frequently enough is a waste of time for latecomers to the pileup.

> I just cannot understand why anybody would waste a nanosecond on a pileup of
> infrequent IDing. If the pileup is so big that the other station isn't IDing
> every Q, it's going to be there a while. Tune on, come back later. (This is
> what those Quick Memories are for.) There's no guarantee you're going to
> crack the pileup on the first call anyway.
> Considering the stations who have said they'll call the guy and ask his
> call, and then suggest it serves him right if it's a dupe fail to realize
> that this has wasted their time just as much. Make a stand on principle if
> you must, I suppose, but don't pretend it's sound operating practice. If the
> bands are that busy that his infrequent IDing costs you time, there are
> other stations you can work. If the bands aren't that busy, then it doesn't
> matter.

> The S stands for Search, not Stay. Pounce when you know it's fresh meat.
> Otherwise, keep searching. Your rate depends on your ability to find

> stations you can work, not on your ability to force other stations to ID.
> Worry about how well YOU operate. Don't let others' perceived sins affect
> your rate. Focus, focus, focus.
> 73, kelly
> ve4xt
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