[CQ-Contest] Dealing with eBay

Mike Gilmer n2mg1 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 5 08:28:45 EST 2004

> Ebay is not the police.  

True, but they have a policy:


> CB amplifiers
> The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 
> does not permit the use of power amplifiers 
> with Citizens Band radios. Therefore, eBay 
> prohibits any listings of the following:
> o CB amplifiers 
> o Amplifiers specified for use on the 11 
>   Meter band 
> o Amplifiers designed for use in frequencies 
>   24 MHz to 35MHz
> o Amplifiers posted within the CB category 

Riley H at FCC responded to my email to say that in 
his experience, eBay was fairly responsive to reports 
of CB amps.  

That said, it would seem to me that if eBay REALLY 
wanted to stop this, they could easily write  
software to detect several different words in the ad 
that would trigger a "look see".  However, perhaps 
they prefer to have users report the violations so 
that they can appear above the fray.  Or something
like that.

Anyway, I'll pursue this for a while and see what

Mike N2MG

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