[CQ-Contest] Why should we care?

K3FT k3ft at starpower.net
Thu Feb 5 22:52:24 EST 2004

Simply for the reason that can be found when you tune 10M on an average day.
The incessant operations by illegals on 10M. They are also on 12 and 17
Meters too, BTW.

We care becuase it is in OUR interest to care AND (as we all know) if We
don't take practive action.. the problem will become one that will become
entrenched AND overwhelming.

THAT is why we care.

Yes, you are NOT going to stop them all, but if you stop a few.. it's a

BTW.. EbAY has to obey laws too. Since it is clearly ILLEGAL to market or
sell amps that operate outside the bounds of the law, Ebay is facilitating a
felony by allowing them to be advertised.

The analogy of the car is not relevant to the issue.


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> On Wed, 4 Feb 2004 10:38:30 -0500, Joe Subich, K4IK wrote:
> >eBay does not understand (or refuses to accept) the concept
> >of FCC registration (and that any amplifier requires that
> >registration number to be legal).
> Ebay is not the police.  If the ad is worded so as to indicate the item
> is legal, that is all ebay should have to worry about.  Let the cops do
> their job, ebay will do theirs.  Do you think every newspaper carrying
> ads for cars should verify a legal title first?  Or check whether it's
> been reported stolen or passes a safety inspection?
> >Unfortunately, the FCC
> >does not monitor eBay (they will respond to complaints)
> >and cannot react quickly enough to "catch" short duration
> >auctions.
> If the FCC doesn't care enough to spend an hour a day perusing the ebay
> ads, why should ebay care at all?
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