[CQ-Contest] Incomplete LoTW QSL Records, Worthless ???

Bill w5vx at hiline.net
Thu Feb 5 17:34:56 EST 2004

I wanted to reemphasize Bob's point. I think that LOTW is going to be a
great help in keeping records. Unfortunately, I was an offending station, in
that I reversed my CQ zone and ITU zone when I made my first submission. I
got an e-mail from a UA3 about two days later informing me of my mistake. I
e-mailed the ARRL LOTW help desk and found that all I had to do was send the
submission again and fix the zone info, no problem. I have nearly 850 QSLs
on the system out of the 25K QSOs that I have uploaded. This may seem like a
small number but I have HC8 on 6 bands, 9V1 on 5 bands, and P5 among many
others. I worked one of my last zones for 5BWAZ, RX9TX, and had the
confirmation on LOTW in ten days. No SASE, IRC and no long wait.

Maybe the solution to stations that don't fill out the station info
correctly is a politely worded e-mail. It certainly worked on me.

Bill, W5VX

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