[CQ-Contest] More sprints

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Mon Feb 9 17:58:52 EST 2004

Hi all,

Not to put too fine a point on it, but all anyone needs to do to get more
sprints going is agree to organize it...

I'd love the idea. Don't have the time myself, but it seems to me that
organizing this would require:

Arranging for log checking. Perhaps the commissioners of the existing
contests (k4ma - ssb, n6tr - cw) could offer suggestions, or if it's not
proprietary or otherwise a sensitive issue, make available the software.

Choosing dates. (Could be tricky, though as someone has suggested, it
doesn't necessarily have to be a Saturday night.)

Advertising: posts to this reflector, placement in QST and CQ contest
columns and NCJ and, possibly, e-mails to entrants to the last sprints, if

Establishing an electronic log submission system, likely just an e-mail
address (could even use a personal one, for that matter).

As for rules, I'd just go with what's already in place for the existing
Sprints. Doubt the organizers would mind. We could even name the new sprints
as they come up in memory of a SK, to honor a noted contester or some other

If three or more supporters for this idea got together, the workload could
be split up.

There's certainly nothing stopping anyone who wants one from organizing
their own.

73, kelly

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