[CQ-Contest] Bad Sprint Ideas

Bill Fisher, W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Wed Feb 11 17:59:28 EST 2004

#1 (my favorite):  Running the contest on HF and VHF.

If you want a VHF Sprint, then start one.  Call it the VHF Sprint.  Be sure
to make it a sprINT format so you and the other 2 guys you can hear won't
run out of things to do.

#2: Sunday Sprint.

For you guys with kids out of college and Sunday is the same as Thursday
(I'm jealous), this may make sense.  For those of us with kids in diapers or
need to be at school the next day, this idea just doesn't fly.

Add to this the operators that drive to stations to operate.  The last CW
Sprint I got home at 2:00am.  Sorry, I'm not getting home at 2:00am on a
Sunday night and then getting up to work 5 hours later.

#3: Quarterly Sprint

Feb, May, Sept, Nov

OK, you tell me where we operate the Sprint in November?  Better yet, you
tell me who wants to operate another contest in November?  3 Sprints per
year... maybe.

#4:  Phone Sprint

Dumb contest.  No, wait.  Dumbest contest.

Maybe if it were moved to 15m/20m/40m, and earlier in the day.  Otherwise,
too disruptive.  And, if a contester thinks a contest is too disruptive,
what do you think the non-contesters think?

I can give you recommendations for dumping this contest forever from at
least 5 guys who have won it in the past and who won't operate it again.

Back to net,

Bill Fisher

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