[CQ-Contest] Re: Bad Sprint Ideas

Barkey, Patrick M. pbarkey at bsu.edu
Thu Feb 12 10:19:24 EST 2004

I believe very strongly that it is what people actually do (e.g.,
operate or not operate) that should decide these things, rather
than what we type on our keyboards when our boss thinks
we are working.  :-)

My feeling is that people have "voted" for more CW sprints,
simply because the number of people operating those contest
has risen to the point where it is not unusual for 300+ qso
participants to never hear or work each other for the entire
4 hour contest.

The SSB sprint does not seem to have this same critical
mass.  I know nothing about the RTTY sprint.

One more point I would like to make.  If you are going to add
a contest to the calendar, it makes adding another contest more
difficult.  Thus if you add a third CW Sprint, that makes adding
another NAQP a lot harder.  So if you like a third sprint, you
are essentially saying that you don't want that "other" contest
as much.

   - Pat

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