[CQ-Contest] Final CW Sprint Scores on line

Tree tree at kkn.net
Thu Feb 12 10:40:46 EST 2004

The 2004 February CW Sprint scores are now final and can be viewed at the 
NCJ web site - www.ncjweb.com.

Go to the CONTESTS section, and down to the sprint results.  Use the drop down
menus to select the contest.  

The links below the drop down menus are for the .pdf versions of the results
that appear in the NCJ and will not be available until after publication.

Congratulations to K4AAA on his 4th consecutive sprint victory, N6TR on a 
new QSO record, K5ZD for a huge score and a golden log and N2NT on another
outstanding QSO total with a golden log to boot.  Also, N6MJ sneaks into
the top ten running low power, a feat only ever done before by N5TJ.

There are also a couple of new faces in the top ten, N7MH and K6XX.

N9RV had a golden log as well, posting a very big score from the black
hole, and N5RZ continues his string of top ten finishes by putting
K5TR into the top ten.  My brother, N6RT, piloted W6EEN to the top
W6 score and 5th place.

In the low power category, if you look past the N6MJ score, it is nice
to see W6OAT with a great effort that gives him the 28th highest score
in the contest.

We once again had more than 10 QRP logs, with KG5U coming out just ahead
of N8VW and K7UP.  The competition in the QRP category is certainly heating

A record number ow 225 logs were received, breaking the record from last 
September, which was the first time we had the seven day log deadline.
Many many thanks to everyone who sent in their log and to Trey "Cabrillo"
Garlough for his support of the log processing robot.

You can receive a report card of your log checking results by return e-mail
from me.  A few people had problems with KH6SH being logged correctly since
most logging software thought he was in Hawaii.  

Our thoughts are with Jim, K4OJ, who had a fine score from K4NNN.  Get
well Jim and see you in the next one.

73 Tree N6TR
tree at kkn.net

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