[CQ-Contest] Re: Bad Sprint Ideas

ku8e at bellsouth.net ku8e at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 12 14:26:06 EST 2004

  I think the increase in activity in both the Sprint and NAQP are due to the fact that many people prefer shorter contests now a days. Maybe this is due to the fact that may of us just don't have the time to spend in a 24 or 48 hour contest anymore due to our lifestyles. I can tell you my operating habits have changed a great deal since I got married 5 years ago and started a family.

  I am sure we can find time for a couple more Sprints on the contest calendar.
I would also encourage those of you that sponsor other contests such as State QSO parties to take a close look at your operating periods. When the MRRC took over the Ohio QSO Party 5 or 6 years ago it had been a 48 hour contest sponsored by an organization that really didn't promote it. While Ohio has a good ham population there would never be enough active to support a 48 hour contest. We shortened it to 12 hours and made sure there was plenty of mobile activity and it has turned into a pretty good contest. Ditto for the MQP (Michigan QSO Party) and the efforts of K8CC....

Gotta go... Don't want my boss to catch me !!!!

                             Jeff KU8E

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