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Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 12 09:50:15 EST 2004

Magellans, the travel supply company, sells transformers between 110V and 
220V.  They come in all sizes.  The one to handle 1000 Watts weighs 18 
pounds and costs a little over $100.  I used one just like that in the WRTC 
20000 in Slovenia.  It worked flawlessly.

Jim N3BB

At 11:45 PM 2/11/2004 -0800, Jim Smith wrote:
>Hi Dan,
>Well, I suppose the obvious answer is to use a 120 to 240V step up 
>transformer to feed the amp.  However, if the amp already has provision 
>for 120/240V operation you gain nothing from this.
>Is it possible to convert a 120V line to 240V by rewiring it at the 
>service panel?  This obviously won't be practical if the 120V line feeds a 
>number of outlets in rooms other than the shack.
>I guess more info about your situation is needed.  Send me an e-mail and 
>I'll try to help.
>73 de JIm Smith   VE7FO
>dan r goddard wrote:
>>Is it possible to rise 120 volts to 240 volts, using a 120 line?  I have
>>no where to get 240 volts to run this amp without going thru several
>>concrete walls and a run of about 100 feet.
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