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W0UN -- John Brosnahan shr at swtexas.net
Thu Feb 12 17:00:59 EST 2004

Over the years I knew Jim as the "crazy guy" we all have lurking inside
of us and that we try to keep hidden most of the time.  The "craziness"
was really just his enthusiasm for everything he did.  Whenever he sent
me an email it had some little, slightly bizarre, item tucked inside that would
always make me laugh.  And his promotion of the FQP was legendary.

I knew that he had some long-term health issues with his liver and then the
heart problem came up.   Jim wrote me about it and I was able to relate
my personal experiences with my own aortic valve replacement.  It was
no vacation certainly but it was not that bad.   I was back at A61AJ for the
WPX contest only 8 weeks after my surgery.   So I tried to make Jim
feel confident in the outcome and understand that the recovery would
be relatively easy--even knowing that in his case his other issues would
make it more difficult.

It was the farthest thing from my mind that his much poorer health would
make this letter necessary.  And in retrospect I recall that my doctor's
insisted that I have my surgery while I was otherwise still in good health.

We usually take life for granted, I know I did until my heart surgery--which
is why I decided to retire from Alpha/Power.  But in Jim's case the outcome
is a much stronger reminder that we need to live our lives to the fullest--as
he did.  And always be a little crazy--crazy about the good things that life
has to offer.

Jim will live in many of our memories as someone who taught us to have
more fun and to worry less.  A good legacy to leave for us all.

Jim, you will be missed by many more people than you ever realized.

Godspeed on your new journey -- W0UN 
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