[CQ-Contest] OJ SK

KH6DV at cs.com KH6DV at cs.com
Fri Feb 13 10:47:40 EST 2004

The shock at hearing that Jim had passed away has to some degree lessened, now
its just a deep sense of sadness.  I will miss Jim's sense of humor, whenever 
I ran
into something that was funny I knew exactly who to send it to.   Jim had 
such a
wonderful sense of humor, he always saw the humor in any situation.  Whenever
I ran out of material I could always just take a jab at Jim for something he 
posted on one of the reflector. He always understood it was just in humor and 
always had a humorous reply, Jim just got it.  The contesting worlds supply of
humor has been sharply reduced by Jim's passing.  Jim made this hobby more
fun while he was here, TU OJ


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