[CQ-Contest] K4OJ Remembered

John Crovelli w2gd at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 13 21:25:21 EST 2004

It has been both sobering and conforting to read the many comments posted 
about Jim the last 24 hours.  News of Jim's passing came as a  shock to 
me...it was just a few weeks ago we passed what were to become our final  
QSO  exchanges in the NA Sprint.   We have all lost a good friend, someone 
who truely "lived" contesting.

Jim had a special and as some have said a somewhat different way about 
himself, always a friendly guy, but there was that steak of zaniness lurking 
  under the surface....a unique personality indeed.  Comments from many on 
this reflector confirm these qualities were universally recognized, enjoyed, 
and admired. - Jim, you left your mark on more of us than you ever realized.

Contesting was without doubt Jim's passion in ham radio.  He wrote the 
following words as the into to his bio on QRZ.com.  They seem to sum up 
quite nicely how Jim felt about contesting:

      "What do you love about Ham Radio? I love contesting.  There is 
something about the
       comradery, discipline and knowledge contesting demands that fits me, 
it doesn't fit
       everyone...but it sure fits me."

I have one special story about Jim's fierce competitive side.  Comments 
today by W5ASP and K5RC reminded me about the inaugural Armadillo Run in 
1883 during which Jim and I had a serious head to head competition to the 
very end.  The prize for being the top out of state entrant was an airline 
ticket to the ARRL National Convention in Houston.  WOW, a contest with a 
real prize.  Both Jim and I thought it would be really neat to visit the 
gang in Houston.   The contest was a huge success.  The TDXS had organized a 
small army of mobiles (some were running a full gallon while in motion) to 
cover all 254 Texas counties in one weekend.  By Sunday morning it was clear 
Jim and I were the front runners (we exchanged score info frequently).  I 
had a bunch more QSOs but Jim had one county that I'd missed Saturday night 
about 03Z while taking a 45 minute "keep the wife in a cooperative mood" 
break.  K5ZD had run Raines County during my brief absence.  Despite 
desperate pleas on Sunday to several mobiles, I couldn't persuade anyone to 
return to Raines County.  Thus in the end Jim won the Armadillo Run with 
fewer QSOs but all 254 Texas counties worked.  I had 253 counties logged.  
Only later I learned about Jim's secret weapon....the road map of Texas on 
the floor to track the mobiles.  My operating aid was a simple alpha listing 
of Texas county names.  For years to come at Dayton Jim wouldn't  let me 
forget how a "roll in the hay" had cost me the trip to Houston.  The funny 
things that happen.....

RIP Jim - your friendship and humor will never be forgotten.

John,  W2GD

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