[CQ-Contest] K4OJ

Eugene Walsh eugenewalsh at msn.com
Fri Feb 13 21:29:07 EST 2004

I've known K4OJ since 1966(-ish), at an ARRL convention in Boston.  
He was a lad of about 13 years old.

He became, as testimony has shown, a top notch contester and station builder with his sights more recently set on multi/multi competition.  It would have been marvelous!

He also had a deliciously psychotic sense of humor; which made anywhere he was a place to be.  

Did you ever meet someone after a year or so and break out laughing?
Each laughing at a different incident from the past yet each believing they were both laughing at the same thing. That is how Dayton would start.

Last Saturday, in the FOC Marathon, Jim was CQing.  I sent ARF! (Short
for N2 ARF ARF).  He came back "N2AA" and stopped - I pictured him
laughing so hard he couldn't continue.  I sent my call and report, as did
he, and that was that; but it was more than just a QSO, it was a 
"Contact" at K4OJ level. 

Where ever he is, they are already rolling in the aisles!

I miss him already.  As will we all.

Gene N2AA

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