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Jim Breakall jimb at psu.edu
Sat Feb 14 13:19:34 EST 2004

It was with great shock and sadness that I checked the CQ Contest reflector 
and heard
the news of Jim's passing.  I, like others, just can't believe it to hear 
such news.

I know Jim mainly from going to Dayton for many years and all of the times 
hanging out
with "The Boys (They know who they are!!!)", and Jim was the one who maybe 
more than others
would make us laugh and think in a unique kind of way.  I remember many 
such times at
all hours of the night, some examples coming to mind where Jim was the 
originator or
maybe one of the key originators of such events.  Things like the Hitler 
photos, meeting
Bertha at the famous all night diner and talking about it year after year, 
and other things
maybe best not mentioned in this public forum.  "The Boys" know what I am 
talking about,
and Jim was a big part of all of these activities.  This was Jim's humorous 
and fun times side
for sure, as we all liked and still do like to have a lot of fun and 
memorable events
each and every Dayton we attend.  "The Boys" and everyone will really miss 
seeing Jim
at Dayton and will certainly miss some future fun times that Jim would have 
certainly created
at future Daytons.

There was another side to Jim too that I got to know where he was quite 
serious and complimentary
to others if he thought they deserved credit and acknowledgement for 
something.  He always
was very complimentary for the talks I gave at Dayton and ideas I have had 
with antennas.
He would write me and be so gracious and complimentary, something that was 
really nice to hear
and which I was really appreciative.  He had that quality where he was very 
competitive of course
but also knew how to give credit and appreciation to others who did 
something good or something
that helped others.  This was truly an admirable and memorable quality that 
Jim had, and which,
we will all miss too.

We will miss you much Jim, but we will never forget the good times, the fun 
times, the serious times,
and the thankful times, that we all have had being around you and knowing you.

Our sincere condolences to Jim's family.

Jim, WA3FET, and all associated with our operations at WP3R and K3CR.

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