[CQ-Contest] OJ Remembered

Mike Wetzel mjwetzel at comcast.net
Sat Feb 14 13:23:04 EST 2004

I met OJ for the first time in 77 at Dayton and had seen him many times at
Dayton in the last 10 (or 15) years.  I was always impressed that he made
the journey.

I'm glad that I detoured on my way home from Miami (over my wife's
objections) in October 2002 and visited the White QTH.  We had a nice
gathering with WC4E, K1TO, Teresa , Bob and Ellen.  Jim told me later on
that I was the last DX to have an eyeball QSO with his dad.

I had told Jim a few years ago that I would be in Florida this coming
April/May but didn't tell him why.  He was puzzled and queried me until I
told him the trip was not permanent but I would be there for my son's
graduation from the University of Miami and wanted to do the Florida QSO
party from Florida for once. The Florida QSO has been a sentimental favorite
of mine since I first participated in it in the late 70's or early 80's
because it used to be right after Dayton. I was privileged to help out in
the start up of the QSO party as we know it now by acting as a net control
station on 40 and relaying info between some of the mobiles.

I know Jim went through some bad times in his short life and I want to thank
Ellen and Teresa for taking care of him through those times.


Mike W9RE

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