[CQ-Contest] Contest Op for late 2004.

David Burger DavidB at facilities.usyd.edu.au
Wed Feb 18 15:14:24 EST 2004

Hi all,
I'm interested in canvassing interest from a 2nd contest op as a multi-2 or
multi-multi in one of the following contests in order of my preference:
Oceania DX(2/3 Oct), CQWW SSB(30/31 Oct) or ARRL 10m(11/12 Dec) in 2004.

Now this will be from VK9X, zone 29 Indian Ocean, so please ensure you have
the time, resources and stamina to do it.

The station will has 160~10m with a tribander+??? / 40m 5 ele array / 80m
halfwave vertical / 160m inverted vee and phased pennants for 80/160 rx. The
??? could be a 10m yagi or if you have a little triband wire spider beam.
All you'd need would be a rig/pa/laptop.. plus some software skills to
network my XP laptop - I've only ever used my own MS Excel contest logger
and will need to bone up on CT if that is what people do.

All I'd ask is AUD$300 toward to the 57m (187') tower hire, a donation to
the venue ~AUD$100 and you can share in getting up some 'acreage' antennas
if you wanted as well.

Drop me a note direct at   k3hz at ieee.org   

Regards to all..
David Burger VK9XD (home call VK2CZ).

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