[CQ-Contest] Instant Messenger

John W xnewyorka at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 18 16:02:52 EST 2004

Cool idea guys - yet another thing to draw a contester's focus toward the PC 
and away from the radio.

I'm still waiting for one of you software gurus to write the ultimate 
contesting program, which works entirely through the internet and doesn't 
require any radio at all.  Then I will be able to stay home (in my brand new 
New York City condo apartment) and still have a chance to win a contest 
without having to travel to the QTH of some poor (generous, but poor) bloke 
who blew all that money on redundant radio hardware, when all he really 
needed was a PC and a high speed connection...

I mean, let's face it - with all this point and shoot junk, who needs a 
radio anyway?  Or rather, if you have a radio, and just a radio, you're so 
far behind the technology curve anyway, you may as well not have the radio. 
The radio is only needed so you can hear the other guy, and if you see his 
spot on the screen, it's just as good as hearing him, right? So if you spot 
yourself <ahem> on the same frequency where he just got spotted, then you 
have a good qso, right? I mean, you heard him send the 599 15, right?  Who 
needs a radio?  C'mon - out with the software already!  I can see the 
features list now - the ultimate software package for the ultimate contest!

-Immune to BPL
-No code proficiency required
-Immune to solar flares and CME's
-No QRM from CB'ers
-No sunspot dependence
-No extra air conditioning required in the shack
-Lower electric bills
-No frozen fingers, skinned knuckles or sore arches from antenna work
-No legal battles for tower construction
-No strangers peeing on your toilet rim
... the list goes on!!
(well, that last one may not be valid, depending on whether the M/M-PC 
category is allowed.)

73 and tongue in cheek,


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>Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 18:28:56 -0000
>I occasionally watch the #cqdx irc channel during contests, that makes a
>decent chat room, though maybe a specific one for general contest stuff
>might be better.
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> > Hello all contestor's...... during this weekend ARRL CW we will have
> > Instant Messenger uploaded and available...any other M-M's want to
> > experiences during the test....its my callsign NQ4I.....add to the
> > list...
> > de Rick
> >
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