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Alfred J. Frugoli (KE1FO) frugoli at worldlinkisp.com
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I can't imagine paying much attention to anything but the radio and the l=
ogging software when the rates go way up (over 200/hour) as a single op. =
 Now add in paying attention to the 2nd radio (SO2R) and there's not much=
 mind left for IMing.  This is the scenario for winning single op station=
s (both assisted and unassisted)

On the other hand, in the multi categories, spotting networks (and IMing?=
) are always allowed, and you often have extra ops sitting around, or eve=
n a band captain.  These folks take on the role of keeping an eye on cond=
itions, rates, and the competetion and develop strategy. =20

So, I don't see the IM thing as much of a problem.  If you're SO unassist=
ed and you're IMing, your not winning.  The self spotting is a whole diff=
erent story though - kudos to K1TTT for sending out the self spotting inf=
o after each contest.

73 de Al, KE1FO

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> Hard to imagine how the rules will cover this topic.  The concept of un=
assisted operating is really getting blurred on this concept.  Is the tho=
ught that IMing will also be considered "assisted"?  Is the thought that =
the contest organizers who can't seem to bring themselves to DQing self s=
potters are somehow going to regulate live IM chatting going on real time=
 with windows that close and leave no trace.
> Its probably going on now in fact.  The old question of how much "power=
" is legal into multiple monoband yagiis has been replaced with what is t=
he definition of a "spotting network" or "packet".  Me and my buddies all=
 in the same IM window as someone says "hey, 10M is open to JA" isn't a s=
potting network is it?
> I used to be against it, but, with the internet development of "tools" =
like this and the blatent lack of enforcement by contest sponsors of self=
 spotting, I am in favor of changing all of it to....just make sure you w=
ork the guy, don't care how you found 'em or how he found you...just work=
 'em and move on.  Unassisted vs. Assisted is really becoming a joke.
> Ed  N1UR
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