[CQ-Contest] arrl dx cw spotting

SM3CER (7S3A) jan-eric.rehn at telia.com
Mon Feb 23 18:38:02 EST 2004


Here's a dumb question:
I searched the DX-Summit Spot Database and found this:

Spotter    Freq   DX                     Time Date
K1TTT      1834.4 K1TTT                  2335 21 Feb 2004

Someone using the call K1TTT as the spotter or self spotting???

Just curious...

73 de Jan/SM3CER

At 15:25 2004-02-23, David Robbins K1TTT wrote:
>spots logged on k1ttt cluster: 30013
>spots entered from dxsummit log:2118 (included in 30k above)
>The most spotted stations:
>DX      Count
>FS5UQ   359
>PJ2T    312
>CS6V    276
>J6DX    275
>PJ4R    259
>J7OJ    248
>TI5N    246
>D4B     205
>9A1A    202
>VP5K    174
>Busiest spotters:
>Spotter count
>W3LPL-4 2064
>K3LR            585
>NQ4I            446
>K5NZ            401
>K9NS            393
>K1IR            384
>W1EBI           382
>W6YX            376
>UA4RC           329
>K8CC            294
>WOW!  what are you doing frank, you switch to n1mm logger and spot all
>s&p qso's???
>cheerleader summary (stations who spotted the same station the most
>spotter dx      count
>W3DF            FS5UQ   67
>K8ND            PJ2T    49
>ES1A            ES1A    29
>WX3B            FS5UQ   24
>W3LPL-4 J6DX    24
>W3LPL-4 PJ4R    21
>W3LPL-4 TI5N    21
>W3LPL-4 9A1A    20
>W3LPL-4 PJ2T    20
>UA4RC           RM6A    18
>ok, enough with the spot statistics, on to the oddities
>Single spotter statistics:
>count of single spotter spots from all sources:
>DX              count
>ZK3SB           39
>VK9LB           24
>HG3M            24
>F5MUX           14
>A61AJ           13
>FS5UQ           12
>LQ7D            11
>VP8LP           10
>T88LZ           10
>IO8ANT  9
>count of single spotter spots from dxsummit
>DX              count
>ZK3SB           13
>VK9LB           10
>F5MUX           8
>LQ7D            6
>9M6/JA1CJP      6
>FS5UQ           6
>TM0ANT  5
>F5TNI           4
>XU7ADI  4
>AY1ZA           4
>this actually looks kind of normal in most aspects.  the rarer stations
>like zk3 and vk9 got the most spots on both sources... the odd ones are
>hg3m and f5mux scoring high in the single spotter statistics  and also
>f5tni showing in the dxsummit list... lets look at the details:
>HG3M seems to have lots of stateside friends who use ed7zab-5 for a node
>and only make one spot.
>Spotter FromNode        Dx      Comment
>WA8APN  ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>W9IYM           ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>VE3MIN  ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>VE3OCY  ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>K3ED            ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>K5ET            ED7ZAB-5        HG3M    loud
>KA2ENT  ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>NA3T            ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>K2ANZ           ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>K1EYI           ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>K8IO            ED7ZAB-5        HG3M    vy loud
>W3NQ            ED7ZAB-5        HG3M    strong
>K6PY            ED7ZAB-5        HG3M    loud
>KE3Z            ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>VE1ZY           ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>W2PC            ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>NE3Z            ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>KP3X            ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>K4EQ            ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>VE3MU           ED7ZAB-5        HG3M    loud
>WB2ANF  ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>WB9OLI  ED7ZAB-5        HG3M    TNX
>VE3EOP  ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>W3KY            ED7ZAB-5        HG3M
>HG1W happened ot show up in my scan of spots for patterns because it ran
>right into HG3M.  looks
>like stateside stations also like to use hg1dxc as a node to spot hg1w.
>Spotter FromNode        Dx      Comment
>N4OA            HG1DXC  HG1W
>K1GV            HG1DXC  HG1W
>K0COP           HG1DXC  HG1W
>NN2W            HG1DXC  HG1W
>WW2Y            HG1DXC  HG1W
>W3IUU           HG1DXC  HG1W
>W3EF            HG1DXC  HG1W
>anyone out there that can get the ip address log from ed7zab-5 and
>hg1dxc so i can pin down where those users were coming from??
>F5TNI somehow got w1to who was operating at my station all weekend to
>surf to dxsummit using a French isp and enter a spot for him.  also k1ir
>usually uses k1ea's node, so why spot from dxsummit via france?
>spotter         dx              ip
>AA2MX-@:                F5TNI 
>K8JM-@:         F5TNI 
>N4DW-@:         F5TNI 
>K1IR-@:         F5TNI 
>N8MZ-@:         F5TNI 
>N9AI-@:         F5TNI 
>NN3Q-@:         F5TNI 
>AA2MX-@:                F5TNI 
>K5YA-@:         F5TNI 
>NF6S-@:         F5TNI 
>KF3B-@:         F5TNI 
>NF6S-@:         F5TNI 
>W1TO-@:         F5TNI 
> and both come back to:
>address:      Free SAS / ProXad
>address:      8, rue de la Ville L'Eveque
>address:      75008 Paris
>f5mux seems to have several stateside friends on ed7zab-5 also.
>Spotter FromNode        Dx      Comment
>N7KPS           WU3V            F5MUX   21003.6
>K2BIM           ED7ZAB-5        F5MUX
>KA1JPX  ED7ZAB-5        F5MUX   QTH ?
>N7JOP           ED7ZAB-5        F5MUX   FRANCE **  59+20DB
>K5PMS           ED7ZAB-5        F5MUX   qrq
>KJ0A            ED7ZAB-5        F5MUX
>from wu3v:
>K1TTT-1 de WU3V    23-Feb 1509Z  arc >
>sh/log n7kps
>2/21/2004 19:07Z  Logging out user N7KPS (tel5:
>2/21/2004 18:59Z  Logging in user N7KPS (tel5:
>can anyone help getting the ip logs from ed7zab-5 for these users?
>but also gets lots of single spotter spots from dxsummit with stateside
>calls using a french isp.
>KC6OLR-@:       F5MUX   still here
>WA2JLC-@:       F5MUX         
>N8WXQ-@:        F5MUX         
>K4MMU-@:        F5MUX         
>K4AL-@: F5MUX         
>W2BZY-@:        F5MUX   lood  
>KB6FOX-@:       F5MUX         
>W6BOR-@:        F5MUX   42WPM 
>WA0FXY-@:       F5MUX         
>KB1CMS-@:       F5MUX   lood! 
> is from:
>address:      FT DR AQUITAINE NORD
>address:      114, Rue Georges BONNAC
>address:      33000 BORDEAUX France
>yp3a has some stateside spotters who use a bucharest isp.
>W2BHE-@:        YP3A    loud          
>N4HU-@: YP3A    ARRL          
>W2EEA-@:        YP3A                  
> comes back to:
>descr:        Romania Data Systems
>descr:        Bucharest branch
>rd3a has some frieds who use very similar comments and all share the
>same ip address for getting to dxsummit.  but would ukraine stations
>have a moscow ip address??  and use the same comments?  and all have
>very similar callsigns?
>RX3DU-@:        RD3A    cq test
>RX3DU-@:        RD3A    test  
>RX3DU-@:        RD3A    test  
>UA3AKO-@:       RD3A    cq test
>UY5MK-@:        RD3A    cq test
>UY5ML-@:        RD3A    cq test
>UY2MR-@:        RD3A    test  
> comes back to:
>descr:        JSC "VimpelCom"
>descr:        Moscow Russia
>on the obvious self spot front.  es1a made all these spots for himself
>apparently from ab5k's
>Dx      FromNode        Freq    Comment
>ES1A    AB5K            14025.5
>ES1A    AB5K            14025.5 cq ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K            14025.5 CQ ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K            7010.4  arrl
>ES1A    AB5K            7023.2  arrl
>ES1A    AB5K            7030.1
>ES1A    AB5K            7030.4  CQ ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K            7030.4  CQ ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K            7030.4  CQ ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K-2  7030.4  CQ ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K-2  14018.4 cq ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K-2  14018.3 CQ ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K-2  7018.2
>ES1A    AB5K-2  7018.2  cq ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K-2  21038.1 cq ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K-2  21037.7 CQ ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K-2  21037.7
>ES1A    AB5K-2  7030.4  CQ ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K            7009.6  arrl
>ES1A    AB5K            14068.8 arrl
>ES1A    AB5K            14047.1 arrl
>ES1A    AB5K            14068.8 ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K            14017.9 ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K            7017.2  ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K            14078   ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K            21057.4 fhhk
>ES1A    AB5K            21028.3 arrl
>ES1A    AB5K            7020.8  ARRL
>ES1A    AB5K            21026   ARRL
>the ip log from those nodes shows:
>K1TTT-1 de AB5K    23-Feb 1421Z  arc >
>sh/log es1a
>2/22/2004 23:36Z  Logging out user ES1A (tel8:
>2/22/2004 10:31Z  Logging in user ES1A (tel8:
>2/22/2004 10:28Z  Logging out user ES1A (tel8:
>2/22/2004 10:11Z  Logging in user ES1A (tel8:
>2/22/2004 10:06Z  Logging out user ES1A (tel12:
>2/22/2004 06:38Z  Logging in user ES1A (tel12:
>2/21/2004 23:30Z  Logging out user ES1A (tel36:
>2/21/2004 23:10Z  Logging in user ES1A (tel36:
>2/21/2004 23:05Z  Logging out user ES1A (tel30:
>2/21/2004 23:00Z  Logging in user ES1A (tel30:
>2/21/2004 22:57Z  Logging out user ES1A (tel30:
>2/21/2004 22:55Z  Logging in user ES1A (tel30:
>2/21/2004 22:54Z  Logging out user ES1A (tel30:
>2/21/2004 22:50Z  Logging in user ES1A (tel30:
>2/21/2004 22:49Z  Logging out user ES1A (tel47:
>2/21/2004 21:16Z  Logging in user ES1A (tel47:
>K1TTT-1 de AB5K-2    23-Feb 1423Z  arc >
>sh/log es1a
>2/21/2004 21:03Z  Logging out user ES1A (tel12:
>2/21/2004 19:12Z  Logging in user ES1A (tel12:
>2/21/2004 14:05Z  Logging out user ES1A (tel6:
>2/21/2004 08:04Z  Logging in user ES1A (tel6:
>the ip comes back to:
> = Estpak Data/Estonian Telephone Co
>also making their own spots was xv1x from n0vd-6.
>Dx      FromNode        Freq    Comment
>XV1X    N0VD-6  14012.5 ARRL
>XV1X    N0VD-6  24942   up 5
>XV1X    N0VD-6  14006   ARRL
>XV1X    N0VD-6  28000.4 ARRL
>XV1X    N0VD-6  21021.8 ARRL
>XV1X    N0VD-6  10109   up
>XV1X    N0VD-6  28002   beaming EU
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