[CQ-Contest] ARRL DX CW writeup

Dick Green WC1M wc1m at msn.com
Wed Feb 25 12:17:22 EST 2004

Hi, Scott. One of the highlights for me was averaging 128/hr on 20/15 for
nine straight hours Saturday 1100z-2000z. There was a 90 hour in there, so
the average for the other eight was even higher. That's remarkable for
single monobanders at 72/50 feet respectively. Another high point was
running 100 hours to EU on 80 using a delta loop while picking off 160 EU
mults on a low trapped inverted vee. Propagation gave us the best rates to
EU I've ever seen on 160-15. One of the low points was realizing after the
contest that I missed the brief 10m opening Saturday morning while the
10-minute rate was pushing 200/hr on 15. That cost me 40 mults and a
mid-top-ten finish. Dumb mistake.

73, Dick WC1M

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> It's way early for this, of course, but while it's fresh in 
> your mind I'm gathering soapbox/anecdotal information for the 
> QST article for 2004 ARRL DX CW.  Anything you want me to 
> know - you think you set a call area record for your 
> category...you walked two hours through a Prince Edward 
> Island snowstorm to get to the operating QTH...that killer 
> 160 meter shunt fed tower that was tuned on Friday before the 
> contest...I'm all ears.  I won't be writing the article until 
> June, but having the info stored now would be a good head start.
> Pictures are fine, too - BUT - send me an email to w4pa at 
> yahoo.com first telling me you want to send a picture.  I 
> will respond with an alternate email address to use as my 
> little 4 MB Yahoo box gets overwhelmed.  If you already sent 
> me a pic to w4pa at yahoo.com in the last couple of days, no 
> need to repeat - I have them stored already.
> 73 and GL to all on SSB.  
> Scott W4PA
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