[CQ-Contest] CQ pattern in contest - what's your vote?

Art Searle W2NRA w2nra at birdsandbeacons.com
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You suggestion makes since and it is logical.  However it is not practical
and here is why.  In practice stations hit their callsign transmit key as
soon as they hear the callsign because so many stations only send their
callsign.  Everyone knows it's a test.  What happens is calling gets out of
sync and you loose control (maybe only slightly) of the pileup (even if only
a few stations are calling).  I'm guilty of this myself but since I am
always QSK I usually manage to hit the cancel quickly.  But most stations
are PTT controlled.  Practice wins of logic every time!


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Which CQ pattern do you like to use in contest and which do you find most
pleasant when working S&P?



I have thought about it and tried both. We always have argument about it in
our contest team;))
I prefer to have TEST at the end - it seems useless in the beginning but in
the end it tells the station who stumbles on you that you are calling CQ. If
he just hears your callsign he does not know if you're CQing or just calling
someone. So seems logical to have it in the end.

I would appreciate your votes to settle this question for good.

Another question is that maybe it would be good to use longer more "CQ-like"
CQ to attract casual DXers in those long contest hours. They might be scared
and not answer so short and prompt calling...


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