[CQ-Contest] Disturbing the Peace

Gus Samuelson gussam at roadrunner.nf.net
Wed Feb 25 16:58:23 EST 2004

Really  do not  understand the rationalization  by some 'testers when it comes to QSY'ing !!
 Depending on the contest ........In some contests you're   a mult  in others  you're  garden variety QSO  fodder.

However .......More especially in  the Arrl  DX  contests , where there might not be that  many active stations from your  state/and or Province 
......  almost invariably it is to your advantage  to accept the request for a  qsy  ............ and  quite  often it is  to your advantage to ask for one.... 
granted it is  easier when you are running low  power and have  computerized  rig control...  
I was  happy to qsy when requested this past  weekend
and was  more often than not pleasantly surprized  when  I requested  DX  to  qsy for  me  and they willingly obliged.
Both ends of the qso have the same  basic  objectives work as  many mults/qsos as possible .

This is  a No  brainer  !! 

73  Gus VO1MP

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