[CQ-Contest] Disturbing the Peace

Charles W. Shaw chas.shaw at verizon.net
Thu Feb 26 00:00:57 EST 2004

	Now that I'm finally set up to QSY at the drop of a hat, I made 344 S&P 
QSO's last weekend from here in New Mexico (No CQ's), and I was -never- 
asked to QSY for another band.  I was surprised and slightly disappointed, 
but I guess other stations from this state spent more time covering the 
bands than I.  Did have several 6 banders, but that was a function of the 
big M/M's and full time Super-Op-All-Banders.  Much fun was had for a few 
hours here for certain.

Chas - N5UL
Hobbs, NM

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