[CQ-Contest] 67 spots

David C k3lp at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 25 19:02:51 EST 2004

The FS5UQ Team (K3LP, N8II, K4EU, N7DD, N3KS, W3ARS)
invested almost 2 months of effort and over $12,000 in
expenses in getting ready to operate the ARRL DX CW
2004 Contest - DX-Pedition Style. The effort and money
was for antenna designs, radios, amplifiers, filters,
multi-radio switches, coax, phased vertical boxes,
travel, QSL cards, hotels, rental cars, food, etc. The
FS5UQ team spent many nights re-formating computers,
checking filters, cutting antenna wire, testing
multi-radio switches, purchasing logging software,
etc. The effort was right in line with the
"advancement of radio communications". Each of our
team members learned alot and is better for this
effort. We didn't invest all this effort and money to
have someone post an ill thoughtout comment,
regardless of the intention.

Five of the six FS5UQ Team members are from PVRC -
They call us PVRC Club Members. If you take a look at
the ARRL or CQWW contest submissions - there is a
block that asks you to list your club to whom you want
to provide your score. I wonder for what reason? - Oh!
So data can be compiled to determine which club takes
1st place - This is another measure of success. So how
does one support it's club? In accordance with the
rules provided. I understand spotting by others is

WX3B and W3DF are excellent PVRC team members and did
an excellent job supporting their team. I certainly
hope this does not cause other club members to no
longer spot their own club members in future contests
in fear of what might be posted.

I guess, the only thing that I'm upset about is, if
PVRC has over 400 members, I wonder why we didn't get
at least 1 spot from each team member. Whoops! That
would mean almost 500 spots for FS5UQ. But of course,
the single individual spots won't show up as a heavy
hitter in your data. I could have had 400 spots that
would have been OK, but 67 caused stress?

I thought, when a station gets spotted and worked by
another station, both sides benefit? If so, this means
that two clubs can benefit each time a QSO is made.

I guess most of all - I'm disappointed in the timing
and manner on how this topic is being addressed. I
believe there is an ARRL Contest Committee that has
and can effectively address contest related issues.

David Collingham - K3LP

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