[CQ-Contest] where are they today?

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Wed Feb 25 23:22:45 EST 2004

Let us step back almost a year...  There has been some question about
what the contest sponsors have done with data like what i have been
publishing about self spotting.  Well, the cq with the wpx cw results
just got here so i decided to do some comparisons.  The stations listed
below were all listed in my message after last year's wpx cw, which was
the first one where we had access to dxsummit ip data... lets see where
they show in the standings.

The ones i could find:
TO5AA - 10meg, winner s/o assisted dx (op rw3qc)
UU7J - 6.6meg, 4th place europe m/2
OL3A - 6.0meg, 5th place europe m/s
W2/UR5DEM - 1.2meg, 1st place 14mhz low power w2 certificate (also see
kc2llm note at http://www.arrl.org/news/enforcement_logs/2003/1004.html)
RA9JR - 645k winner 14mhz low power certificate
JT1CO = 1.4meg winner mongolia s/o
UA9YAB - 192k winner 7mhz certificate
YM2ZF - 10meg 2nd place asia m/s

these don't show in the results, at least as far as i can see in the
printed results and it doesn't look like the pdf is up yet, anyone got
better eyes?:
LY4CW - 3830 msg claimed 8meg in m/2 class, doesn't show in results

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