[CQ-Contest] where are they today?

Hanlon, Steve SHanlon at dnr.state.md.us
Thu Feb 26 07:51:45 EST 2004

> kc2llm note at  http://www.arrl.org/news/enforcement_logs/2003/1004.html)

a quick search of the FCC database shows the license was issued on 5/21/2003 and the first offense was in that same month.  the Notice also states that operation was on frequencies not allowed by Technician class operators and "involved numerous contests" as well Field Day and the IARU HF Championship.  clearly the licensee is interested in contesting, but appearly does not respect the FCC rules that govern Amateur Radio.  

there is no Administrative information in the FCC database and the only other recent enforcement notice regarding a Technician class operator in Brooklyn was that of an unsigned letter to the Commission.  the database lists the callsign as active.

what happens to the QSO's made with this operator in previous contests?  do they become busted or are they set in stone once the contest results have been finalized?  granted it would be a minor reduction in the overall score of those stations in which there was a QSO, but what about other operators working out of allowable frequencies.  

i'm just curious since it seems that you have to assume the person on the other end is allowed to be there, esp. in a contest where time is QSO's and questions cost mults.  it would be hard to verify each callsign in the submitted logs and i wonder if they are checked, at least for US callsigns.

-steve hanlon

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