[CQ-Contest] CQ pattern in contest - what's your vote?

Ed Parish K1EP k1ep at arrl.net
Thu Feb 26 15:31:17 EST 2004

At 2/26/04 01:58 PM, Tim Makins, EI8IC wrote:
>I believe that time is wasted with 'CQ TEST DE W7DRA W7DRA TEST', because
>subconsciously or not, ending the transmission with 'test' or callsign does
>not give the receiving operator 100% assurance that you are about to start
>listening. If you tune across a signal, and hear either a callsign or the
>word 'test', what does that tell you ? Nothing definitely - you will wonder
>if more is coming. The only way to be indicate your intentions 100% is with
>the use of 'K'. 

I agree with you, but many CW machines do not leave much space after the call and the K.  If you only give the call once, they you might think that the K is part of the call.  I like to hear the call twice.  Also, if you think about it, TEST is only 3 dits longer than K.  It is distinctive and you can speed up your keyer machine on the TEST a few wpm to overcome that insignificant time difference.  

>I also like the use of 'DE', as it tells the listener that
>what follows is the callsign - no quibble or question about it.

Yes, I agree too, but I don't think it is as important.  But I wouldn't argue if someone chooses to use it.

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