[CQ-Contest] CQ pattern in contest - what's your vote?

Charles W. Shaw chas.shaw at verizon.net
Thu Feb 26 22:51:03 EST 2004

Some really good stuff expressed in this thread.  Hope folks pay attention 
and benefit from it.

My 2 cents; (may be worth less in spite of inflation.):

Spare me the "K's" and the "DE's", please!  I can also do without "CQ", but 
there are some times it might be justified.  "TEST" is quite a bit shorter 
than "CQ".  (One of you uses "TST" which is still shorter.)  "R" is shorter 
than "TU", if you need it; (and I appreciate hearing it when conditions are 
difficult).  Keyers temporarily run at a faster speed may not suit the 
die-hard "CW-is-an-Art" folks, but can be a big help.  (I would rather hear 
"5NN" sent really fast than to hear "ENN" a little fast.)

Two things I can certainly do without are:  "Ur RST 5 9 9 5NN"  and,
the use of "BK" or "AR" at any point.
(But, if someone sends me "BK" with a fill after it, I might send "BK" back 
to him when there is another station also trying to get through to me at 
the same time.)

Then there are a few of those who wrote the book, who never need to send 
*anything* but their call and my report.  I try not to slow them down--I 
know they are serious!

Chas - N5UL
Hobbs , NM


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