Fw: [CQ-Contest] Efficiently Calling CQ in CW Contests

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Fri Feb 27 14:53:29 EST 2004

Whats wrong with       TU    C2LL    if somone tunes in at the tail of  LL
the   TEST doesn't mean a darn thing anyway.

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> > Unless it is your objective to make your callsign easier to
> miscopy, in a
> large
> > contest like the ARRL DX, where over 99% of the activity on
> the band is
> contest
> > related, there is no reason to waste time and energy sending "TEST."
> >
> > There are still some people who may be attempting to determine your
> callsign by
> > actually copying it off the air rather than clicking on their packet
> screens.
> > If you are calling CQ (as opposed to managing an existing
> run), you might
> > consider putting your time and energy into sending your
> callsign. You may
> > appreciate others doing this when you are trying to copy
> the callsign of a
> very
> > weak station.
> >
> > Regarding the suggestion to call "TEST callsign TEST." Two
> thirds of the
> > time and energy is wasted on non-information.
> >

So this is why I get some US guys give QRM to me at OH0V,
when I am trying to punch through a pileup to Asia or Africa.
I answer their test calls by sending my callsign.
Sometimes I do that twice, especially if the other one
does not copy too well.

Guys, please..
Saying contest or keying test means you are calling CQ in
the contest.
Saying your callsign only means you are trying to get a QSO with
someone who just called a CQ on the band.. maybe in some of
the tests there hapen to be during that precious weekend.

Easy & logical, I hope.

Jukka OH6LI

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