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Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Wed Jan 7 13:57:50 EST 2004

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> My understanding is that the VHF contest occurs the weekend before the Super 
> Bowl and the CQ160 contest is the last full weekend of the month. 
> This year, the Super Bowl is the following weekend on Feb. 1st. I don't 
> recall that a February date for the Super Bowl has occurred before.
> Many of my friends who operate 160 and VHF contests don't understand how 
> this might happen. We recognize that no one is in charge or responsible for such 
> schedules between the various organizations but certainly would want to, if 
> anyway possible, avoid this type of situation again.

Your understanding is correct, and this year happens to be the one where the 
last full  weekend of January falls on the earliest possible dates.  The NFL 
juggled Super Bowl dates around this fact, and decided to put the game on 
Sunday, February 1.  CQ and ARRL either didn't notice this, or chose to live with 
it and not change their regularly scheduled weekends.

> Any thoughts?

I'm going to pull out my laptop, hook it to the TS-830S, and run CQ 160 with 
that.  The IC-746 and HTX-100/Transverters will be hooked to the ususal 
logging computer and run the VHF Contest.  SO2C3R, here we come!  (Single Op, 2 
Contests, 3 Radios).

Of course only the second night (and the last few hours Sunday, for those in 
the eastern part of the country) of CQ160 overlaps with the VHF SS. Do note 
that it is legal to simultaneously transmit (as a single op) on both 160 and any 
one VHF band.
So have fun, and when you are asked if you have any other bands, reply "160 
and six through 432" (or whatever).

73  -  Jim  K8MR

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