[CQ-Contest] 10M NAQP Weirdness

Larry Schimelpfenig k7sv at adelphia.net
Mon Jan 12 20:41:54 EST 2004

While I didn't experience the delay that Tom did, during that first hour
that he mentioned on ten I did notice something strange. My own signal with
slight delay returning by scatter was so bad that I kept hearing something
between the characters I sent (QSK). At first I thought someone was messing
with me, but after playing with it realized what it was. The delayed scatter
return is something I experience frequently but it's usually clean enough
that it's easy to tell it's my own signal. During the contest on ten the
return wasn't clean. I suspect there may have been scatter return from
various locations with varying delay. Considering the great number of mults
worked on scatter, I know there was something different going on
propigation-wise Saturday.

Tom, can I join your alien clan?

73 de Lar K7SV

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