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Eric Scace K3NA eric at k3na.org
Sun Jan 18 15:22:04 EST 2004

   The de facto band splits between phone, digital and CW modes for non-USA countries are well established in practice (and, on 40m,
well-abused during phone contests!).  While it's difficult to tell in advance, I doubt that expanding USA phone subbands down to
7100, 14100, etc will cause a significant change in these splits outside the USA.

   It just seems to me that we in the USA are tying chains around ourselves, trying to cram many phone operations into 20% or so
less spectrum than is used in other parts of the world.  Sure, non-USA phone operators would be happier if the big USA crowd stayed
above 14150, for example.  But is that really reasonable spectrum usage when the bands are open and crowded?

   If USA non-contest phone operators want some relief from congestion, they could join us in agitating for sub-band expansion.
That seems like a win-win for a lot more people.

-- Eric K3NA

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   There would be less SSB contest activity pressure on the
bands if USA stations were permitted to operate down to
3600, 7100,
14100, etc...

Perhaps, but then the pressure (especially outside the USA)
to go below xx100kHz or 3600kHz (or whatever is the dividing
frequency) would increase, causing "issues" with the CW and
digital (e.g. RTTY) modes.

It is my belief that, outside of the USA, the separation
between CW/digital and phone segments is more a gentleman's
agreement (de facto) than codified in regulations (de jure).
Regardless, perhaps during major-major international phone
contests allowing the phone band to universally start at
xx050kHz (or whatever) might alleviate the phone problem
while still leaving a fair amount of room for the CW/digital
folks.  It seems reasonable to assume too that many
CW/digital types will be operating the phone contest.

73 de AA0CY

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