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Richard DiDonna KE3F at prodigy.net
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Of course she's not.  McDermott Will is most likely 
ghost writing it and they're simply placing the 
association's name on it.  This is standard practice 
in lobbying regulatory agencies utilizing ad hoc or 
semi-permanent lobbying groups.

Rich KE3F

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>In my local exchange area in McLean, VA, Verizon is 
installing fiber to the
>curb with expected commencement of "bandwidth on 
demand" service at the end
>of the calendar year.  I am not sure how the pricing 
works on this, but it
>likely would be competitive with in-place Cox Cable 
broadband service.  I
>now have 28.8 kbps dial-up so am a likely candidate 
for Verizon's service
>given I don't subscribe to cable.  So BPL is a non-
starter here, certainly.
>The guy from our power company who stops by every few 
weeks (as recently as
>yesterday!) to check on my QRN level from power lines 
says Dominion Power is
>not hot on BPL, and he personally thinks it's a non-
starter.  However, he is
>not the decisionmaker at his company.
>Several guys who have sent emails to UTC (parent 
industry association of the
>BPL advocacy group known as UPLC - see www.uplc.org 
and www.utc.org) have
>received highly non-responsive propagandist emails in 
return.  I am one of
>those.  In reaction, I have also sent follow-up 
messages to the CEO and
>General Counsel of UTC suggesting that they are not 
helping their own
>advocacy by dispatching ill-considered and 
inflammatory factually erroneous
>public releases.  They have not responded.  But 
certainly Mary Patterson,
>the public relations person whose name appears on 
UPLC releases, is not
>writing this stuff alone.  Of course, anyone making 
decisions in government
>or elsewhere presumably is knowledgeable enough to 
see past some of this
>garbage.  On the other hand, we need only look at 
other areas of political
>gullibility to see we cannot rely on that 
assumption.  Letting these BPL
>garbage-heads (a sophisticated legal term) know they 
can't get away without
>negative feedback seems worthwhile.
>Jim, N3JT
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>> I'm even more pleased to see the market is also 
destroying the
>> need for BPL.
>> In addition to the cable and DSL options for 
consumers, Nextel
>> has launched
>> a wireless broadband service with good coverage and 
reasonable cost in the
>> Raleigh-Durham area. Don't know how good it is, but 
hopefully it is the
>> picture of things to come. I see no reason why this 
method won't
>> eventually
>> achieve the coverage of cell phones and relegate 
the spectrum-polluting,
>> clunky, and totally unnecessary BPL to the scrap 
heap. I can only say how
>> thankful I am that BPL has come so late to a 
crowded market up against
>> broadband providers who are still innovating 
practical technologies.
>> 73,
>> Jim, K4QPL
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>> Subject: [PVRC] Small victory for anti-BPL fans
>> See ARRL website link
>> http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2004/06/28/2/?nc=1
>> This tells story of Cedar Rapids, IA BPL test bed 
where supplier (Alliant)
>> is pulling the plug. Read the story, read between 
the lines.
>> Draw your own conclusions.  My take? Alliant ran 
headlong into the
>> TECHNICAL REALITY and found it didn't match the 
>> they have been propounding.
>> One small victory for HF.. one giant leap for 
>> 73
>> K3FT
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